Sonora musica&eventi is Ester Paglia’s brand, a professional musician, who , in years of commitment with friends and collaborators sharing her love for music, valorised the work of great Italian and foreign songwriters, as well as Jazz musicians, organizing unforgettable concerts and events. Ester has worked as manager for several artists, fusing their needs on stage and in their private life.

 That’s Sonora musica&eventi’s spirit: international shows and quality management. Reliability, competence and team spirit, are the dna of this society. Companies are made of men and women; in Sonora’s case, it is a woman, with natural human and professional skills, who makes the difference.

Sonora musica&eventi always preferred looking for musicians to cooperate with, making them walk towards a more steady professional path, since, at the beggining of their carreer, these artists are considered by a more underground audience. With time and hard work, they achieved goals which sounded impossible in the first place.

We want to thank companies, producers, managers and specially our audience, who valued our proposals and followed us in our work, making wonderful goals possible.