Fabrizio Lamberti

Fabrizio Lamberti

The show is a concert in the form of a tale. Before and after the songs’ execution I will tell various stories which happened during countless tournèes and studio recordings in which I took part in 35 years of music. A part will also be dedicated to the 10 years of writing work and preparation of the various activities of Cavalli Marci to move to experiences as a composer of film music for Cinema and TV. The execution of songs taken from movies will be synchronized with corresponding images. Obviously almost everything that will be told will revolve around embarrassing situations and the grotesque aspects of the various experiences lived.

During all this storytelling I will insert another parallel story: since I was still enrolled in the Faculty of Law at the age of 20, I decide to go and think about what I would have become if I had not interrupted that course of studies in a sort of “Sliding Doors”.

My lawyer alter-ego (obviously interpreted by myself) will intervene with pre-produced footage to interact with. He will be a character of very low morality, a defender of horrible people: mafiosi, scammers, large evaders and dishonest high rank.

Through the various compositions and the various narratives tell true events and a bit ‘behind the scenes ridiculous and interesting at the same time. Let people know what is often hidden behind the “splendid frame” always has its charm.

During the show I will try to address some reflections on the choices and opportunities that this work can bring to someone.

Promo: https://youtu.be/F_9e5J3mxd8

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