Giulia Mei

Giulia Mei

Giulia Mei (stage name of Giulia Catuogno), born in 1993, has been tied to music since she was a child. When she was nine, she joins V. Bellini conservatory’s (now A. Scarlatti) white voices choir in Palermo, where she also begins studying piano, finally obtaining the degree in the instrument.

In the meantime she begins to write the first songs and discovers in this activity the vocation of his life, delighting herself to compose texts and music. She begins performing in several occasions, presenting her own songs and gaining an excellent response from the audience. In 2012 she obtains the secondary school diploma at the state classical high school “Umberto I”. In January 2013, invited by the singer-songwriter Giuseppe Povia, she performs in a show she herself designed, through which she presents her music to the public of the CMM in Grosseto; since then she decides to make music her own life.In November 2014 she debuted at the Auditorium Rai in Palermo, with the show “La kultura della vita”, proposing the song theater to the public of the RAI, accompanied by the violinist Miriam Alasia. In 2015 she won an award at the Palermo contest “Notti D’autore” and in August of the same year she wins the Castle Music Festival with her unreleased works. In October 2015 her song “La Barca”, played by singer Andrea Vincenti, won the first prize Mia Martini Nuove Proposte per l’Europa, as well as the critic prize Bigazzi. On February 6, 2016, Giulia presents her first ep “Pianopiano”, produced in collaboration with guitarist Vittorio Di Matteo; from that moment, comes to life the “Pianopiano Tour”, which brings the singer-songwriter around Sicily and South Italy. In March 2016, Giulia was selected among the 16 finalists of Musicultura, after winning the “Audience Award” during the live auditions in Macerata. On October 1 of the same year, Giulia performs in Cosenza, on the occasion of the festival “Il Tenco Ascolta”, organized by the prestigious Club Tenco, after being selected among the eight new proposals of the song copyright in South Italy. In November, Giulia performed as a semi-finalist at the Tour Music Fest. In January 2017, in addition to being selected again among the sixteen finalists of Musicultura, Giulia won the Alberto Cesa Prize, which allows her to perform on the stage of Folkest 2017; in the month of April of the same year is also the winner of the Prize for Folk Song Author Massimo Melodia. The victory of Cesa allows Giulia to perform at the Prize of Prizes, on the occasion of the MEI (Meeting Degli Indipendenti) 2017 in Faenza, along with the winners of national awards dedicated to missing songwriters. In 2018, once again a finalist at Musicultura, Giulia is also selected for the final of the De Andrè Prize. In July 2018 Giulia is amongst the five finalists of Bruno Lauzi prize, in which occasion she earns the Lauzi Prize for best music and the Cora Prizefor the best interpretation. In August, Giulia opens Roberto Vecchioni’s cocnert in Troina, Sicily. On the28th of March 2019 for the label “Il Cantautore Necessario” she releases her first album, “Diventeremo adulti”, produced in Rome with the songwriter Edoardo De Angelis’ artist direction and published by Discoteca Laziale. In June of the same year the album is among the six finalists for the Tenco plates 2019 in the category “Best Debut Album”.  

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