Mattia Brigo

Mattia Brigo

Mattia Brigo was born in Desio, in Brianza, the 25th of October 1998.

Passionate about music since he was little, Mattia began singing when he was twelve. His brother gave made him join his first band, which was composed of some of his friends who needed a singer. The band needed just a few minutes of listening to Mattia to ask him to join.

With “The Shade” Mattia did a long, hard and healthy apprentieceshipl performing for over six years in numerous clubs; but he also collaborated with other groups, has trained others in the first person and has garnered acclaim operating in the thriving tribute band market. Always as a singer, of course: thanks to his voice with a very special timbre and remarkable extension, which he knows how to use with incisive modernity and an excellent, measured stage presence.

While working with music, Mattia has been taking in depth singing lessons since he was thirteen, alongside to a good student career until the university, where he is currently in the third year and follows the faculty of environmental toxicology giving vent to his love for the environment.

With time, Mattia experienced, live and in front of tough, what singing for a living can mean. In doing this, he also had the chance to experiment with different musical genres: from rap to rock, from pop to heavy metal. As today, at this point in his path and being twenty, Mattia made a choice: to get in the game to the end, so that the music could be one with his life and become a profession. For Mattia it is in fact fundamental to share thoughts and emotions with others through the language of the seven notes: which are his absolute love, he says, a passion that marks him so much as to have the certainty that he will never abandon it.

Followed for over a year by the historic producer Ester Paglia, who has worked for decades with the likes of Fabrizio De André, Roberto Vecchioni and many others, Mattia has finally become the author of what he wants to be known to the public. So, as well as brilliant interpreter, he also is an intriguing songwriter in full, both for the compositional part and for the lyrics.


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