We would like to thank the photographers, the artist’s management and the record labels for the pictures.

Our adventure in the world of live music started in the 80’s, with a group of friends who love music as much as I do. Since the beginning of the 90’s our concert organizing activity took place mainly in Milan. We’ve been amongst the first and more important Italian promoters.

Drawing strength from that experience, since the middle of the 90’s, we’ve been evolving, expanding our activity with some significant artists, both in songwriting and Jazz music, realizing concerts as well as planning and promoting festivals and cultural events, on both Italian soil and foreign one.

Some of the concerts realized by Sonora Musica & Eventi

We’ve worked, for several years and in different times of their careers, with the majority of artists found in this gallery. We chose to rember them to everyone as they were at the beginning of their path, when we met each other and decided to work together. Some of them were very young, but already had great potential. They loved music and life, and had a great enthusiasm, just like us.

We worked with a countless number of marvelous artists. We keep a story, a feeling, a memory of every one of them. Most of them has been succesful in establishing themselves in the Italian and international scene, through hard work and perseverance.

We recognized and shared the human and musical quality of those artists. this made us able to grow and improve together, in our shared experiences.

We documented this passionate work looking for paper material, since in those times there were no digital archives. We do this to remember an extraordinary time of italian live music to our audience that followed us, not only for a feeling of nostalgia.

Music is mainly about feeling:
as Sting once said, “Songs are living organisms, that transform themselves”, and, in our opinion, they are, every time someone plays them, and every time someone listens to them

We would like to host your memories too, when you will read us. A thought, a picture of one of our concerts is enough. If you would want to share a common past, it will be like stopping time, in our heart, at least